My first post ☺

My First Blog Post

Hi & welcome! Thanks for checking out my blog and my first post! I thought I’d start with something simple, something that I really LOVE; papercraft ☺

This is a notebook that I loved, except for the cover. I wanted to use it as my bullet journal but first I had to do something that I loved with the cover.

I guess that I’m not exactly what most people would call organised, in the sense that I didn’t really plan this project out before I began!

I started by simply washi-taping the whole of the front cover, because one, I love washi tape, and two, it’s a quick, easy way to brighten up almost anything. So, even if I’d just stopped working on the project right then it would still have been an improvement on the original cover!

I still felt like there was something missing though, I wanted to have another picture or pattern, but without covering the colourful washi right up.

After that, my thinking process gets a bit hazy, but from some where in my imagination, I had the idea to temporarily stick some butterfly shapes over the tape and spray paint the rest gold! It actually turned out better than I really expected it to (probably because I’d never done anything like this before)

Once I peeled off the (now) gold coloured butterflies and saw how pretty it looked I was really happy. All that was left to do was Mod Podge over the whole thing with the sparkle effect Podge and that was the front cover finished ☺

The Back Cover

This was inspired by the new Tim Holt Distressed ink pads that came in the post for me this morning. Also, since I did the front cover I’d collected (ok bought!) a fair amount of new crafting materials so I had more choices when it came to trying to figure out what to do.

I knew though, that I really, really wanted to try out my new inks. I remembered that I’d recently received a card making kit that came with typewriter shaped cards that I’d been dying to use.

Sooo…I cut up the gold with white dots paper and stuck it to the cover using Uhu stick glue. Then…then I stopped working. Just to watch an online tutorial or two about using the inks for the first time. Genius that I am, I had ordered the ink pads and the blending tool from two different sellers, so I had my inks before I had my tools 😩 I wasn’t going to let that stop me having fun though.

Once I felt suitably tutored (and found an alternative blending tool) I got on with actually having FUN. The inks I used (from the bottom of typewriter up) are: Mermaid Lagoon, Tumbled Glass and Fossilised Amber. I seriously love them too! I understand now why they are almost always part of a crafter’s kit. I’m really looking forward to receiving the blending tool now too, just to see if that makes them easier to use.

The last bit was the easiest since I’ve been stamping since I was a kid! I used the Lawn Fawn “Jessies abc’s” stamp set with the “Merman” ink pad for the first bit of writing and the unicorn and star cluster stamps from the “Critters Ever After” stamp set with the “Peacock” ink pad for the unicorn and “Plastic Flamingo ” and “Fresh Lavender ” ink for the star clusters.

Underneath the typewriter I wrote “Love Life” with the “Owen’s abc’s” stamp set and “Black Liquorice” ink pad on yellow paper and glued it down too.

Finally, I Mod Podge’d the whole thing with the Sparkle effect Podge. ☺

I’m feeling pretty happy with the whole project, and I’m especially looking forward to doing lots more in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this, my first blog post, but if you have any questions, comments or constructive criticism I’d love to hear from you.

Bye for now lovelies,

Sarah xx