New Unmounted Rubber Stamps & how to mount and store them!


So these are my gorgeous, new Unmounted Rubber Stamps from the Crafters Companion website! When I ordered them I really thought that they were clear photopolymer stamps so when they arrived I was a bit disappointed. ..

But you know what? I’m so glad now that I did because I learned something new, something that as a stamp lover I was bound to come up against sooner or later:  Unmounted rubber stamps and how to mount them!  So here’s my little how-to guide to mounting stamps!

Note: two things that you definitely need before you start that nobody mentioned anywhere else (nowhere that I read anyway!): a sharp pair of scissors and good eyesight or glasses if sight isn’t a strong point for you!

1. Go on to eBay and order EZ mount cling static foam. The one I got was A4 size and cost £4.19. I’m glad I only ordered the one sheet because it was big enough to mount three A6 sized peices of stamps. I even had a bit left over!

2. Follow the instructions on the sheet!  I just stuck the whole A6 rubber sheet on the sticky side, cut around it and then cut out the stamps individually, but I’ve since read that you save more of the foam by cutting the stamps out individually first, then sticking them to the foam & cutting around them again.  But…whatever! Once I saw that I had enough foam on one sheet for my purposes I wasn’t too concerned about saving bits here and there ☺

3. By now your stamp should look like this: the grey top bit is the stamp and the bottom black bit is the ‘cling’ surface, for the acrylic block to stick to. The glue layer is sandwiched in the middle, holding the stamp to the foam. Simple, right? !


So now my next issue was how to store the stamps. Obviously they’re a lot bigger than my neat little eight inch by six inch clear stamps, which arrive on their acetate sheets just begging to be stored in a small album (I use a sticker album for this purpose,  but I’ll share more about that in another post! )

So, this is where stamping the image of the stamps as I went along came in useful!

I cut down a peice of cardboard so that it fit inside an A4 plastic pocket  (the cheap, 100 for a pound ones that kids use in their school folders ) and then placed all the stamps on to the outside of my reinforced plastic pocket and slid the sheet of stamped images on the other side of the pocket.

Then I put all of this inside another plastic pocket that is in a folder I use to organise my papercraft supplies. These pockets are made of stronger plastic than the loose one I used first.  I got mine in a bigger Tesco’s, in the stationery department.

So now you have a neat, organised way to store any number of these bigger stamps! At this point, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back and/or feel very proud of yourself ☺ I know I did!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave me a comment below ☺



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